Some more details on actions taken

So I thought it might be a good point to discuss why the rankings have changed. Broadly speaking, the approach has been to ask people to remove the misleading content, and secondly, to add more content about me that is under my control.

In the cases of removing content as well as generating new content, there needs to be some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performed. There are quite a few ways to do this. For a start, the content on here is submitted in multiple ways to multiple search engines. This includes both at the root website level and at the wordpress level. Further submission techniques have been used to add “link juice” to faster promote these pages as active. Lastly, some keyword advertising with Google also helps to promote the correct content, but created some interesting side effects that need management.

There has also been a wide range of extra pages created on various sites to highlight what I would like to be known about me. While these sites will then require maintenance, it does help improve my profile.

Lastly, there are some sites out there worth regularly keeping an eye on. These are the ones that involuntarily start indexing information about you, unless you find the super-secret way to opt-out. These sites are a mixed blessing, and as long as they are watched carefully, they can add to the positive content.

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