Hello world!

This is indeed my first post! It has been fun getting this up and running on a Lucid build of Ubuntu.

These are some of the things I discovered so far:

  • ufw out-of-the-box prevents apt-get from working
  • installing the wordpress package via apt-get resolves some dependencies: it downloads the dependencies for mysql-client but does not include any mysql-server
  • wordpress on Ubuntu works very easily once you find the special configure for Debian files inside /usr/share/docs/wordpress
  • of particular use is /usr/share/docs/worpress/examples/setup-mysql which doesn’t quite work as described, but boy did it make everything work
  • I still haven’t figured out the timezone for this yet
  • Bitvise Tunnelier is awesome for ssh sessions under Windows7 64-bit

So far things have worked rather well! On to the next bits….

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